May 2012

Observer Drift


Collin Ward wants you to imagine hanging out in a messy bedroom with one of your punk friends from high school when you listen to his songs. They were all recorded in his bedroom and basement, and every one that I’ve heard sounds totally genuine and sincere.

Listen to his 13-track album Corridors from his band Observer Drift on Bandcamp. He says all the songs are either about dreams he’s had, important people he’s met or memories of his very young childhood. You can purchase the album for the price of your choice. What a deal!

David Peck


Noctilucence is a word that describes something that shines in the dark. Sometimes clouds that are illuminated by the light from the moon are called noctilucent. David Peck recently put a six track album on Bandcamp under the title of “Noctilucence,” and it totally shines in the dark.


The first track, “An Orange Aperture” is full of really thick synth waves and lots of other sufficiently dark sounds. The beat is strong, and this is totally an electronic hip hop song. It’s very solid, and one of the best on the album.