March 2012

Madeline Ava

This girl is so nice! These songs are totally great! I stayed in her house for a couple of days once, and she made my friend Colby and I some really great pizza. She sent me back to Murfreesboro with a Marge Simpson kids meal toy once. She taught me about Star Fluxx (a card game), and she’s better than me at the bean game.

Youth Camp - 'w/u'

Oh, the reverb. Buckets and buckets of it. Jangle on.


I had the good fortune of getting to play at Rachael’s Café yesterday with a local band called Humors and a band from Philadelphia. Both bands were awesome, and I’m glad we got the opportunity to play there with such nice dudes. Seeing as this is an Indianapolis blog turned into outlet to promote Bloomington’s awesome music scene, I’m going to focus on Humors though.

Learner Dancer - 'Fortune Teller'

This 7" single is the first we've heard from Learner Dancer in a year. Here's hoping 2012 sees more of their '70's-inspired psychedelic garage rock.