December 2011


"They have something to offer almost everyone."

 Slothpop writes anthems. That is in no way an insult. These are some of the best big songs I’ve heard in a while. If you like songs that build, soaring female vocals, and subtle arrangements, you should definitely go to Slothpop’s BandCamp.

Accordions - 'Crickets'

It takes a certain flavor of guts to kick off an LP with a rendition of "Auld Lang Syne". Luckily, Accordions's second full-length The Moon at Half-Mast soon settles into brassy, bombastic originals. This populous outfit is based at Butler University, where they wrote and recorded this album.

Everything, Now! - 'Did It on the Moon'

The latest record from Everything, Now! is their first in three years, and a welcome return from these longstanding Indianapolis musicians. Filled with punchy, buzzy, and occasionally epic psych rock, Do It on the Moon is available now as an mp3 download and will be out on vinyl in February. Check out the (almost) title track below.