Murder By Death

Murder By Death

Dark Alternative Country

Murder From Death is from Bloomington! I had no idea, but that’s really exciting. This area of Indiana has so much amazing music. Murder By Death has a sort of dark alternative country western sound. They use a lot of cello, and the singer’s voice brings up images of mysterious strangers sitting at the end of a bar in some anonymous saloon in the middle of a desert.

I’ve been listening to Murder By Death for a long time now, and I think my favorite of their albums is In Bocca Al Lupo. I feel like it’s the most western sounding. There’s this one song on it called Brother that’s totally poppy. If there were popular rock hits in the old west, I feel like this could have easily been one of them. It’s very catchy.

Honestly, all of Murder By Death’s albums are great. I even love the long instrumental parts from their first album. They have such a unique sound. I’m sure this is the kind of band about which people would say, “you either love them or you hate them.” That all comes down to the uniqueness of their sound I’m sure.

I love Bloomington, and I’m glad that this band is from there. I already loved this band before I knew that, but it’s always good to find another great reason why a city is great. Check these guys out if you haven’t already. They can totally diversify your musical palette. Everyone needs a little dark western rock sometimes.