More Famous Musicians From Indianapolis

More Famous Musicians From Indianapolis

Indianapolis isn’t home to very many rising stars or known musicians, but it has its share. Below are some of the most famous people that have called the Indianapolis area home.


Kenneth Edmonds, also known as Babyface, hails from Indianapolis. Many people known him as a famous songwriter and producer, associated with musical films like Waiting to Exhale. He’s also, of course, performed his share of music. I remember receiving the album as a gift for Christmas that year and being less than pleased with it, dismissing the lyrics as a bit misogynist—let alone not something a woman would sing. Then I realized that Babyface wrote them.

Albert Von Tilzer

You probably don’t know who Von Tilzer is; neither do I. But he did write the famous song “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” that we all know and love.

Also known as the lead singer of Rise Against, he’s a huge animal activist and works with PETA quite a bit. He’s also well known for being a straight edge person, alongside his fellow band mates. He’s also known for having one blue eye and one brown eye, a trait he was teased about as a child.