Kara Beth Rasure

Kara Beth Rasure


Kara Beth Rasure writes beautiful songs, looks beautiful, and puts beautiful things on the internet. For example, check out any of the videos on her Youtube channel. It is appropriately simple, disconnected, and beautiful that the main picture on her ReverbNation page is her standing in a field, arms raised, with a horse in the background.

She lists her genres as Bluegrass / Down-Tempo / Folk Rock. I would say that Down-Tempo is accurate, but I don’t know about Bluegrass or Folk Rock. What does a categorization mean though, anyway? These songs are sparse and gorgeous. Like her Facebook page so you can listen to One Night Out. If you didn’t like her already, this song will definitely win you over. If I were a film maker, I would want this in my movie. The guitar is perfectly lo-fi, and the layers of vocals really make the song.

Rasure proves her singing ability on Fine Wine, the last song on her Facebook page. The most impressive thing about her singing, however, is that she reserves these embellishments and showy vocals for only when they are appropriate. Too many great female singers forget that some songs really need to be less elaborate.

This songstress likes the song of the whales and staring at things that refract light. She knows that what she seeks is somewhere in that white flash, and her songs reflect that revelation.

Kara Beth Rasure, you are doing great things. Your songs are beautiful, and everyone should hear them. I hope Indianapolis loves you.