You, Me, and the Monster

Hotfox is great. These dudes are some Indianapolis natives currently making a home down in Bloomington, and they’ve got a really great album on Bandcamp called You, Me, and the Monster for name your price. My advice is to go over there immediately and start naming prices. This album is great.

They say they’ve played with Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, and I can see these two bands fitting together really well. From the very beginning of this album on “The Dirt Of This Earth,” I can sense the sort of subtle sincerity that I love from those kinds of bands.

The full band songs kick off on track number two, “Fire!”, and things continue to get interesting. Something about this singer’s voice sort of reminds me of Matt Costa in a way.

“Mountain Tiger” is another really strong song. It starts with really pretty guitars and subtle drums, meanders for a while, and then throws in some perfectly catchy melodies before building into a full on anthem.

The last track, “Hope, or How to Get Your Throne Back,” is my favorite of the eleven songs on “You, Me, and the Monster.” The guitar and bass work is exceptional. There’s a sort of creepiness to this song that really gets me. I love it.

This band is great. If you’re in Bloomington or Indianapolis, I hope you’ve heard them before, and if you’re not, I hope you go give them a serious listen on Bandcamp. If you like what you hear, they totally deserve the support of an album purchase!