Here, Not There

Heathers is great! This DIY Bloomington folk punk is totally wonderful. They’ve got an album on Bandcamp from 2008 called “Here, Not There” that I’m getting really into right now. Bloomington is such a gold mine.

“Here, Not There” is 11 tracks for $5 and every track is great. This band is made up of twin sisters from Ireland. They’re on Plan-It-X, and as far as I can tell, that’s the most respectable association a band can have. I’m having trouble figuring out if they’re still active, but let’s not worry about that for the moment. Just take in the songs you can find on their Bandcamp. There’s a lot there and it’s all totally solid.

I can’t overstate the fact that all of these songs are great. I usually try to pick a song or two that I’m most into to describe in more detail, but there’s not really a stand out because they’re all really good. More than anything, I would just encourage you to listen to all of these songs.

The Irish influences are pretty apparent, and it’s totally great. They’ve got a sort of ultra cute soft accent and timbre in their voices. It’s all spot on while keeping that necessary DIY aesthetic.

Do you like great songs? Do you like cute female vocals? Do you like meaningful lyrics? If so, you should definitely check out Heathers! They’re all of that and more! If they’re still playing, go find them and then tell me about it!