Fever Blanket

Fever Blanket


Medium-fi. That’s the best tag I’ve ever seen on Bandcamp. I knew I was going to write about this band before I head a single note just because of that tag. The other tags are pop and surf. There’s definitely some surf elements in there, and with riffs this catchy, it’d be hard to argue against the pop tag.

Fever Blanket is truly medium-fi. It’s not overproduced, but it’s not at all low quality. I’d turn up the vocals a bit, but I am currently listening to this in the worst possible way, through apple’s earbuds. My good headphones broke, and I’m in a public computer lab so I can’t play it out of the computer speakers. I’m sorry Fever Blanket, I’ll be sure and give your EP the listen it deserves when I can.  Maybe I’ll download it, burn it, and enjoy it in my car as I daydream about Colorado.

Speaking of downloading this wonderful EP,  you can do that for free on Fever Blanket’s Bandcamp page.

The vocals are sort of like a more American Stornoway. That’s a great compliment. Any guitarist alive in the past fifteen years would have to admit that these riffs are catchy. The paired vocal and guitar melody on “DayDream” are almost as much catchiness as I can stand without getting up and dancing. It’s wonderful.

Be sure to check out Fever Blanket live if you can, and if you can’t head on over to their Bandcamp to download or stream “Fever Blanket EP”.