Christmas Songs From Amo Joy

Christmas Songs From Amo Joy

Amo Joy wants to wish you a Merry Christmas! They put a beautiful 3-track album called “Christmas” on their BandCamp for free. When I see a picture of a band holding a melodica, glockenspiel, and military snare, I know I’m going to love the band. This neat little Christmas packet does not disappoint.

“Praise We Pioneers” begins with an extremely joyful and exciting guitar and drum set, and then the vocals join in with a beautifully jolly melody. Some horns join in for the chorus and then remain for the rest of the song.

“Wake Up (To The Christmas Spirit)” sounds a bit more serious but remains perfectly jolly. I think there are some jingle bells in there, and there’s definitely some tiny angel glok. This song makes me want to move my whole body from side to side in wonderful Christmas Spirit. Wake up! Enjoy the day! This song has a smooth bridge that starts with just a bass and some percussion and then slowly builds into a saxophone-trumpet conversation complete with jingles, glokenspiels, and holiday cheer.

The last track, “Fall Into Christmas”, is definitely the most serious one on the BandCamp page. The vocals soar. The horns fill in the bass. The percussion is perfect. This song spends about the first two-thirds of its seven minutes as described, and then shifts into a much more uplifting winter jam.

Amo Joy is sort of like a cave party of Of Montreal, Violent Femmes, Matgo Primo, and I Need Sleep. I would love to play a show with these guys.